In The Press: Hospitality Industry Post Covid

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IWS and MYDIS Director, Terri-Ann Boyle, talks about the sanitisation and disinfection precautions the hospitality sector must take to ensure they can re-open safely and stay open in a (post) Covid world.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, particularly for luxury hospitality, businesses should make the invisible visible. Highlighting new sanitising measures of the premises is necessary to demonstrate the wellbeing of guests is the top priority. Clear signposting of hand sanitiser dispensers, labelling of one-way systems and staff observing strictly adherence to the guidelines are effective ways to underline that hospitality businesses are COVID safe.

Companies from a large variety of sectors have used our MYDIS products to ensure they can return to work and re-open their businesses while still following government guidelines and providing peace of mind to staff and clients.

If you're unsure of what may work for your establishment or what may help fulfil your requirements, we're more than happy to help! Contact us for more info and a member of our team will assist you further.

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