The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world into a “new normal” and we have all been confronted with the need to use disinfectants much more frequently. In this “new normal”, we all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones from spreading the virus.

Where disinfection was previously associated with industries like healthcare, livestock, agriculture, or food production, it has now become a necessity for any space where people gather, such as workspaces, retail establishments, and leisure facilities.

In response to this new reality, International Water Solutions Ltd created MYDIS, a brand of alcohol-free sanitisers. MYDIS is a bactericide and virucide which kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and can be safely applied on skin, on any surface and can also be used aerosolized through fogging machines.

IWS is a British company specialising in advanced bacterial control through water sanitation and disinfection of areas particularly at risk of a pathogenic presence. We have created a range of products used for bacterial control in water systems used for farming and hydroponics installations and help our clients to maintain sterile water in agriculture, food production and water treatment plants. Our products adhere to all relevant UK and EU certifications to attest to their efficacy, safety, and sustainability. We have also been accredited with the ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO45001:2018 (Occupational H&S Management System) certifications on behalf of the registered firm CQS Ltd, for the development and provision of disinfectant products.


Alcohol Free MYDIS is as effective as it is safe and kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Unlike alcohol-based sanitisers, it does not cause skin irritation and is safe to use for children and animals. The solution is vegan and halal friendly, making it ideal for use in educational and religious settings. MYDIS is also fragrance-free and uses no preservatives or colouring agents. We offer spray bottles of various sizes to suit your needs, from as small as 100ml through to 500ml, and canisters are available in 1L and a 5L.


Alcohol free MYDIS kills 99.99% bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses with hypochlorous acid as the active ingredient. When dispersed in an indoor space through the use of equipment such as ULV foggers, it kills all germs suspended in the air or present on any surface in the treated area. In accordance with its efficacy, MYDIS has been awarded multiple independent UK and EU standard certificates: EN 1500:2013 Pass - European Standard test method that evaluates the efficacy of a hygienic hand rub; EN 14476 Pass - Effective within 30 seconds (+/- 5 seconds) European Standard quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of viricidal activity against enveloped viruses; EN 1650:2019 – Effective within 30 seconds (+/- 5 seconds) European Standard quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of fungicidal & yeasticidal activity against enveloped viruses; EN 1276:2019 – Effective within 30 seconds (+/- 5 seconds) European Standard quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bacteriacidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics; HSE Certification – Article 55 derogation. It is tested by UKAS accredited labs and MSDS certificates are available upon request.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) belongs to the chlorine family, but it is a substance present in the natural world. It is even naturally produced by our own white blood cells as a weapon against harmful bacteria. HOCI works by tearing down the cell membranes and proteins of the pathogen. When compared to other compounds in the chlorine family, Hypochlorous Acid is pH neutral, and non-irritating, and it does not cause any side effects making it the perfect non-alcohol solution.


Our team is made up of dedicated and experienced professional support personnel, including trained technical staff and customer care managers. We also have a focused development team that researches new markets and applications, who are always developing new technologies. We constantly strive to invest in R&D to create the innovative technology and obtain the EN standards that we have so far. The team has developed an industry leading portable fogging disinfection unit, the SE20 Fogger, and have since continued to dive head-first into the world of smart technology, manufacturing innovative and effective disinfection machines for the new normal. Even through lockdown, we have been able to conduct independent testing to ensure our solution has been scientifically tested as effective against coronavirus, passing various EN standards that the market demands.


MYDIS can be used on skin, as unlike alcohol-based sanitisers, it doesn’t dry it out. This makes MYDIS perfect to use where alcohol-based products are not advised due to their flammability or harsh side effects on the skin. MYDIS is the best choice for schools, care homes, hotels, vehicles, shops, gyms and many more.