MYDIS kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses

Kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses

MYDIS works in 60 seconds

effective within 60 seconds

moisturisers added

with added Moisturisers

Liquid or gel formula available

Liquid or gel formula available

up to 75% alcohol content

Up to 75% alcohol content

MYDIS bottles widely recycled in the UK

Bottles widely recycled in the UK

At MYDIS we offer professional & innovative disinfection solutions for your business with state-of-the-art technology to combat the spread of bacteria & viruses incorporating facial and access control technology.

MYDIS SE20 ULV Handheld fogging unit | fogger

Our SE20 fogging unit is designed to be light, portable, and easy to use. It has a long battery life, reaches up to 8m in spraying distance and has a 2.5 litre tank to cover 8000sq ft.

MYDISPLAY hand sanitising station | advertising platform

The MYDISPLAY hand sanitising station will increase your revenue through dynamic advertising. Whilst providing your clients and visitors with accessible hand sanitising solutions it also provides a great visual for multiple advertising which in turn generates a regular revenue stream for your business.

DS20 Touch-free face recognition thermometer | tablet

The DS20 smart facial recognition can be used for temperature monitoring as well as access control. It is ideal for staff monitoring, attendance and payroll.

White label alcohol free | alcohol-based hand sanitisers

Put your brand in their hand with our white label hand sanitisers that your customers will carry everywhere with your branding. Individually designed and printed and are available in various sizes.

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