What does it Mean to Have the MYDIS Touch?

In the Euros, we’re seeing England fly into the semi-finals. The team have beaten Croatia 1-0, drawn with Scotland, beaten Germany 2-0 and defeated Ukraine 4-0!

With this track record in mind and heading towards the final, it’s possible to dream the 2021 Euros are really coming home. Events such as these are a significant factor in what inspired the catchphrase “MYDIS touch.” This is because the meaning behind it stems from success (whether in football or in other areas) due to feeling safe, protected and practising proper disinfection.

MYDIS’ recent partnerships with up-and-coming protégée Aqib Fiaz and Bradford City AFC are examples of how the MYDIS touch is aimed towards athletes. MYDIS are keen to keep sport, activity and wellness very much intact, even despite the upset of the pandemic. As restrictions ease, MYDIS also hope to be the chosen sanitiser brand for most venues, sporting arenas and gyms, and to support athletes across the globe in achieving their goals. The message of disinfection should carry on past COVID-19 to ensure better wellbeing in general.

From a technical standpoint, it’s essential to make sure sports facilities are sanitised efficiently and thoroughly, as 24/7 high performance is a must for any sportsperson or athlete. Cold and flu can easily cause damage to an aspiring star’s career, so it’s vital to maximise measures to prevent this. Products such as the MYDIS SE20 are a fantastic solution, as they enable comprehensive coverage over a short amount of time.

So, when athletes have the MYDIS touch, you can be sure they’ve stayed safe and healthy to boost performance and train worry-free.

MYDIS are super excited to watch the England game to see whether the team really do have the MYDIS touch. We are a brand that heavily supports sport and strives to keep it going during these challenging times. We can’t wait to develop our existing partnerships in this field and create new ones in the future.