Some ways to make your pet a little less pesky

We know pets can be messy and difficult to clean up after. If you're looking for tips on preventing them from getting their muddy paws all over the new carpets or knocking over their food bowls, check out this blog which details some ways to make your pet a little less pesky.

  • If your dog or cat is a messy eater, one way to stop food spilling everywhere is to place a mat under the food bowl. This can catch any excess and make for a tidier dining experience.
  • Entertain your animal. If your cat, dog, or other pet is running around, tearing up furniture or spreading mud, it may be that they need a little stimulation. For dogs, it could be a chew toy, a walk outside or even learning tricks. For cats, fresh air or a toy can be an excellent way to use up excess energy. If an animal's behaviour is really bad, it may be worth considering investing in a trainer to calm them down.
  • Clean the pets. You can just use water to rinse them off after a muddy walk or venture outside. Shampoo is also an option but make sure to check you have the correct product with a groomer or your local pet shop. Make sure to dry the animal off completely afterwards.
  • Purchase a good vacuum cleaner. Several companies make vacuums especially for pets, which can help whisk away excess fur, mess, and dirt. Some vacuums can even clean up pet litter, so it's worth researching to see what options are available. Ensure that it has powerful suction, a good filter, and the best brush action possible when you purchase. Try to clean the filter regularly, as pet hairs or dirt can spread a bad smell when vacuuming.
  • Air your house. Open some windows to let outdoor air in, which will help to get rid of pet odours and make for a fresher smelling home.
  • Use effective cleaning products. Products like the 99.99% effective MYDIS surface cleaners and sanitisers can help reduce the spread of bacteria from pets. Their alcohol-free solution means they are safer to use around animals.

We hope this helps! If you're interested in getting some alcohol-free sanitisers to use at home and clean up after your messy pets, then head to our products page for our full range.