73 years of the NHS – A Very Happy Birthday

On the 5th July 2021, MYDIS look back at their partnership with the NHS as part of recognition for the 73rd birthday of the UK National Health Service.  

Today the NHS staff have been awarded a George Cross for their courage and dedication by the Queen. As well as this, there has been a radio address from the Prince of Wales, a programme of street parties, landmarks from Salisbury Cathedral and the Wembley Arch lighting blue in the NHS’ honour.

 Throughout the pandemic, the NHS has worked hard to keep those in need of care as safe and looked after as possible, so these celebrations are much deserved. MYDIS as an official disinfection partner recognises this fantastic effort and celebrates it, along with the 73-year NHS legacy. 

MYDIS hopes they can continue efforts to support disinfection procedures within the NHS as well as continue to provide innovative products that maximise speed and safety and minimise effort. Maintaining hygiene, sanitisation and cleanliness through medical services is a first step in ensuring employees and patients are kept as protected as possible.

Let’s give the NHS a massive round of applause for everything they’ve done and wish them a very happy birthday