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    Protective Measure.


    DS20 Tablet. The portable size and sleek design of the DS20 allows for a seamless integration into any space. The DS20 is compatible with the MYDIS Disinfection Portal and can be used in tandem to control access into the facility. Learn more

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    Disinfect to Protect.

    Disinfection Portal & DS20 AI facial recognition  and body temperature gauge. Disinfection of the skin, clothing, and items carried. Confidence to staff and clients before entering the establishment. Made to excel even in high-density areas. Learn more

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    Use Me Anywhere.


    Anti-bacterial Sanitiser. Tested by UKAS accredited labs. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Non-corrosive, non-irritating, no residue or discolouration. Naturally powerful disinfecting properties. Available for Pre order. Learn more

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    Disinfection Made Easy.


    Universal Fogger. No PPE necessary. Cut time and cost of disinfecting spaces and touch points with 80% less manpower compared to wiping surfaces. One full cartridge covers approx. 8000 sq. ft. Cordless, portable, easy. Available to rent or buy. Learn more

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    >70% Alcohol Sanitisers.


    Tested and passed BS EN 1500 spray or gel,  useful when there is no water or washing facilities available. Use at home, at work or when travelling to cleanse and freshen hands without soap and water. With added moisturisers for soft skin. Learn more

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    The New Normal.


    Unique, WiFi-enabled hand sanitising units and touch-free dispensers. Digital stations – sanitising doesn’t have to be boring. Advertise, showcase products, promotions, share information or videos on-screen via media upload. Learn more




100 to 300 times more effective than bleach

Bacteria cannot develop resistance to it

Quick acting disinfectant and a highly effective antiseptic

Harmless to people, animals and the environment

So… what is it?


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